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With These Deals on Monitors During Prime Day, You Can Score a New Screen for Cheap

Jun 06, 2024Jun 06, 2024

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Prime Day (July 11-12) is one of the best times of the year to snag a deal on a new computer monitor. If you’re a gamer aiming to boost their refresh rate or a designer looking to upgrade to a higher resolution, you can save big on some of the most powerful displays with these Prime Day monitor deals. But before you dive into the abyss of discounts, consider your needs.

How will you primarily use the monitor? For gaming, productivity, or a little bit of both? If you prioritize play, you’ll likely favor larger monitors with higher refresh rates (100 hertz or above) to ensure more immersive visual and smoother motion free from blur. Any monitor rocking a Full HD resolution (1080p) or above will create a crisp enough image, but we find that 1440p (2K) and a refresh rate of 120 hertz (Hz) or higher is the sweet spot. Now, if you work heavily with graphics and text documents, you’ll want a higher 4K resolution screen for the sharpest textures.

Are there features, such as High Dynamic Range (broader color range and contrast for more lifelike visuals), Variable Refresh Rate (syncs the monitor refresh rate with GPU to eliminate tears and stutters in gameplay), or ergonomics (adjustability and connectivity), that are important to you? These performance boosters will enhance your overall experience but can raise the price significantly. Know what your specific requirements are while browsing our recommendations below on the best Prime Day monitor deals. Just keep in mind that the event—and, thus, discounts—end tonight.

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Gigabyte’s M32U is one of the most versatile monitors we’ve tested, as it balances a high-end IPS-Type LCD backlit panel with premium features for much less money than the competition. It produces some of the sharpest 4K image quality on its sizable 32-inch screen, and it pushes frames as high as 144 Hz.

Its colors aren’t fully reference-monitor accurate. However it has HDR capabilities, so it’s able to produce a wide range of hues for work and gaming. If you need a screen that can go from creating content to bringing the neon world of Cyberpunk 2077 to life, this monitor does it with minimal input lag and a wealth of ports including USB Type-C, Type-B, and three Type-A for maximum connectivity.

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M32U 144-Hz 4K Gaming Monitor


While the retro early 2000s office look doesn’t appeal to everyone, the HP X24ih FHD monitor has a stunning 1080p Full HD picture quality perfect for computers equipped with entry- to mid-level graphics cards. We’re impressed by the razor-sharp display and higher-than-average refresh rate for a budget screen, which makes movies and video games look extra smooth while preventing tears. The IPS viewing angles are excellent as well, with consistent color and image clarity maintained even if you aren’t looking at the monitor straight on.

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24-In. FHD 144-Hz X24ih Gaming Monitor


If you prefer a more immersive workspace, then the Sceptre C30 is an excellent budget ultra-wide option with an encompassing 1800R curvature. Its 2560x1080 resolution fills your peripheral vision and is plenty for working on documents or gaming. While its panel is neither the best nor the brightest, it comes close enough for its extremely low price tag. Keep in mind that although it can reach up to 200 Hz, that’s over a DisplayPort connection. Otherwise, it’s locked to 120 Hz over HDMI.

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30-In. Curved Gaming Monitor


If you don’t mind adding a tablet-like device to your everyday carry, this FHD monitor is a lightweight option that slips into almost any bag with ease. At 2 pounds, it’s easy to tote around and stand up, whether you’re at your home desk or working on the move. Its IPS panel has wide angles so you can effectively multitask even if the screen is offset. You’ll have to compromise on response times and color accuracy, but you gain a second 15.6-inch screen powered by a simple USB-C connection.

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15.6-In. 1080p Portable Monitor


For vivid, lifelike colors and lighting, this is the best-looking gaming monitor we’ve tested in our lab. Its OLED display is well-calibrated out of the box and produces inky blacks for colors that pop and dark scenes jam-packed with detail on its 2K panel. Cell-shaded titles like Street Fighter and Borderlands spring to life, as they’re especially vibrant. If you play older games that don’t support the ultra-wide format or need the sharpest resolutions, then take a look at one of the other models here.

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175-Hz 34-In. Quantom Dot-OLED Curved Monitor


With more than 7 extra inches of screen real estate than the AW3423DW OLED, the ASUS PG42UQ runs at a higher 4K resolution. This higher pixel density translates to much sharper textures so text and images look better. Its larger TV-like workspace leans itself to managing several open windows and is perfect for productivity or losing yourself in your favorite games. Its 138-Hz refresh rate is nothing to sneeze at but do keep in mind this is a 42-inch monitor—you’re going to need a large desk or space that runs deep enough to see all of the screen which can pose a challenge if you live in a dorm or apartment.

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ROG Swift 41.5-In. 4K OLED PG42UQ Gaming Monitor


This lightweight attachment adds two 10-inch HD screens to your laptop’s primary display. It slides over the hood of any laptop sized between 12 to 17 inches but is light enough that you can just leave it attached while you travel, which is where the real value comes from. While it maxes out at 1080p and a 60-Hz refresh rate, our testers often bumped the resolution down to 720p to make text and graphic elements larger while multitasking. Although colors aren’t the absolute best, the lifelike red and green hues create a high-quality image that doesn’t look artificially vibrant or washed out as can happen with similar monitors. Meanwhile, its compact USB-C cables are just long enough to stretch across a chunky 17-inch gaming laptop without any overhang or tangling.

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Tri-Screen 2 Monitor


This entry-level professional design monitor has a Full HD screen with some of the highest color accuracy in the pool for under $500. It reaches over 400 nits for high maximum brightness and looks great with deep contrast. Its 60-Hz refresh rate isn’t ideal for gaming, but you can easily edit photos and video with more detailed visuals and defined text thanks to its high pixel density. It reaches 100 percent of the sRGB color space with HDR support for more lifelike colors when working on video or graphic design.

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ProArt Display PA279CV 27-In. 4K HDR UHD Monitor


This 27-inch, 4K, USB-C monitor comes equipped with a built-in USB hub fitted with five USB-A and three USB-C ports. One supports DisplayPort Alt Mode with 90 watts of power delivery, so you can connect your laptop to both display an image and charge it simultaneously over a single wire. Another USB-C slot is a downstream port with 15 watts of power delivery, so you can use it to charge your tablet or other small devices like a phone. The last USB-C port acts as a KVM switch, which can control different devices with a single keyboard and mouse connected to one of the five USB-A ports. This expansive connectivity is ideal for content creators and office use.

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UltraSharp 27-In. 4K UHD WLED LCD Monitor


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